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March For Our Lives

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

FB Post: "So yesterday I ended up in charge of holding the protest from moving out of respect for the speakers who weren’t done talking (specifically the Parkland speaker who came all the way from Florida to tell us about her experience at Stoneman Douglas high school and her demands to feel safer in school). I am extremely disappointed in the people who decided to rudely start the march in the middle of these important speeches. I asked the crowd as loudly as I could what the hell they were doing there if it wasn’t to listen to these children, and to talk about gun reform? Two older white women were taking their impatience out on me and trying to take over the rally by yelling at myself and other organizers about how they were tired and it was cold out. I was also tired though. I was also freezing my ass off since 8:45 in the morning (2 hours and 15mins before the speeches even started). I also was antsy about starting the protest. But you know what? I am also tired of privileged people stepping on others to gain their fame. I am tired from all the work I put in and all the work I will be putting in to support this cause. I am tired of boos, nah sayers, and fakes. I am cold...numb the mass amount of anguish my heart has gone through seeing these events unfold month after month, year after year. I am cold from the depression that seeps over me every time I see a screaming mother or dead child on the tv. I am cold to the media who does not show the whole story of American gun violence. I am antsy to get this over with, to say we did it, to say we marched, we voted, we changed...but I have to remember to be patient. I have to remember this will take a long time. I have to remember to listen to others—even if they have opposing views. I have to remember that I am doing this to help others and not myself. I have to have the patients to keep going even when things like this are so detouring. Next time you go to a march, rally, protest, sit in, walk out, or whatever form of social justice you go to...please remember to be patient and to understand why you are there in the first place."

I was interviewed by multiple TV sources 10TV and ABC4 specifically came out to talk with me about my art.

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