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Juxtaposing Quarters



This show was made possible because of the Second Sight Project, Mona Gazala, and the Greater Columbus Arts Council. (and viewers like you--thank you).

LAUNCH curatorial residency artist Julia Barrett presents her work “Juxtaposing Quarters” at Sign House 737. Using mixed media to explore and explain the culture shock, frustration, confusion, and unseen lessons that came through moving from one side of town to another--the Westside of Columbus to Dublin. Seeking commonality through space and environment, tearing down stereotypes, and shedding light on the problems seen in both communities--innocence and ignorance. Learning to grieve, self reflect, explore, and hoping to teach what it is like to grow up and/or live in two juxtaposing worlds.


Welcome To The Neighborhoods


"This show is a depiction of memories, events, thoughts, and opinions about growing up on the Westside of Columbus and then moving to Dublin. The art shown is a juxtaposition between a bubble of innocence and a bubble of ignorance. While some depictions may be more positive or negative than others just know that there were ups and downs while living in both of these neighborhoods--aspects I loved and things that I hated in both. Please note: If you are offended by the images you see, know there is much more to both of these places than what is shown (it's impossible to fit two cities and the culture into one gallery space). As well, please think about what is offending you, why, and how this reflects on your own experiences of where you have lived and grew up. This show is not me telling you how it is, but rather showing you my perspective on what my life was like growing up in two very different places. Enjoy!"

The First Floor

The first story is split up into two sides: the first being Westgate, and the second Dublin. The two neighborhoods are separated by one long fence which represents the neighborhood you are entering as you walk past it. And no, the grass isn't always greener on the other side...

The Second Floor

The second story is a collection of three different rooms. The first is a representation of Dublin. Showing some of the problems and stigmas faced while living in "The Bubble"...The second room is representative of Westgate. Showing some of the effects of living in a place in which break-ins and violence were not rare. The Third room is the final chapter, a collection of the two places coming together to project what it looks like while actually driving through both places.  

Phone Recording Transcript:


J: "You know what I find really stupid?"

A: "What?"

J: "All the whites boys at our school trying to act 'black'"

A: "I know it's really fucking cringy"

J: "Yeah, especially when they say the 'N-word'...but  they're like 'oh I put the 'a' at the end so it's not racist...'"

A: "Still racist, still inappropriate, still I don't know, it's not a white persons place to reclaim slurs that they used against other racial groups of's so racist!"

J: "'s really not our place to do that AT just doesn't make sense for a white appropriate black culture, you know, and it's like you have no idea what that's about at all--You're from Dublin!"

A: "Hahaha some 'You're from Dublin'"

J: *repeats* "haha You're from DUBLIN"

A: "You have no doesn't even really just sucks, but yeah Scioto also..."

J: "Oh how everyone says it's the 'ghetto school'?..."

A: --"Yes"--

J: "...just because people of color go there?"

A: "Yes...still racist as fuck, but they don't think that it's racist, but it obviously is"

J: "Right, exactly...It's just a fucking giant BUBBLE Of Ignorance"

A: --"Yeah..a sad white bubble haha"

J: *cheerleader voice* "The Dublin Bubble"

A: *nervous laughter*

J: "Yeah but for sure, I had culture shock when I first got here--seeing all white people--it was crazy..."

A: "Yeah it was crazy for me too..."

*cuts off, but the conversation keeps going*