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Collaborations & Clients

As a freelance artist, I have done many different collaborations with businesses big and small! A lot of my collaborations and clients have become more like friends and family over the years. The following are a list of notable collaborations and clients I have proudly worked with:

Byrd Haus

Byrd Haus studios hired me to create two murals down in Florida for their new shop "Byrd Haus Market". I went down to Florida and painted 2 murals for them in 4 days. They also commissioned me to do several logos.

Byrd Haus

The Walt Disney Studios

I was commissioned by the props team from Fairy Dust Productions, who were working on the set for Walt Disney's Hocus Pocus 2, to create multiple SpellBoooooks for the movie set. The project took a few weeks to complete and the props were seen on the big screen! A dream come true as Hocus Pocus is my favorite Halloween movie!

Dr. Hoffman, The Ohio State University

I was referred to Dr. Hoffman, French Professor at OSU, by the head of the Art Department, Laura Lisbon. Dr. Hoffman and the Ohio State University commissioned me to create illustrations for a book. I had to read the book--in 18th century French--and collaborate with Dr. Hoffman to come up with illustrations to fit the novel.



Pokebap has been a consistent client over the years with multiple different projects I have worked with them to create. As their freelance Art Director, I have created "The Fed Artist"--a project created in order to support local artists, curated a multitude of shows at their Budd Dairy Locations, worked on art projects at both of their locations which included physical & digital art, photography, videography, website design and more!

Barrett Home Renovations

At BHR, another consistent partnership, I have been their go-to Creative for several years. I have done everything from taking photos and videos of their renovation projects, editing photos/videos, creating multiple websites for several different companies they have created under BHR, created graphics/animations and logos as well as social media. We have also worked together to create physical printed items of my graphic design work.


Southern Perry Incubation Center for Entrepreneurs

For SPICE, one of my original clients, I have created documents/excel sheets, tracked their inventory and uploaded inventory on their e-commerce website, created multiple websites for them, took photos and videos of products, done research for them, collaborated with their clients to make business cards/menus/brochures/social media and much more.

Tupelo Doughnuts

As one of my first graphic design clients, Tupelo Doughnut, had me create graphic images for t-shirts, hats, social media, and coolest of all billboards. 

March For Our Lives

I was proudly the Art Coordinator for March For Our Lives--Columbus. As the Coordinator, I created multiple ways to creatively bring attention to movement, including: using cut outs of guns that kids affected by gun violence wrote on to express how they felt, three different parachutes to use during the march itself, chalked the walks along the route of the march, made "goody bag" artwork installations on each seat of the politicians and people in power in our VIP section. I worked by myself and also took lead of several teams to get the work done in time for the march.

March For Our Lives
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