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The 3 C's

A lot of the time, when I say I'm an artist people reply with "Oh how do you live??" and I'm here to tell you, you can live as an artist! The way I do so is with the 3 C's of Art...Commissions, Collaborations/Clients, and Curation. As a freelance Artist, Curator, Art Director, I have had some pretty interesting clients and projects over the years. Check them out here!

One of the ways I am able to live as an artist is through generous patrons who have commissioned me over the years to create artwork for their friends, families, and homes.


As a Freelancer I have had the pleasure of working with a ton of different clients and have collaborated with some really cool organizations and businesses to create artwork both locally and internationally.


I have also curated several shows all over Columbus and beyond. These were some of the shows that I am most proud to show off my curation skills.

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