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Julia Barrett is an emerging Columbus-based artist working in sculpture, street art, fabric, digital art, and most of all oil painting. The majority of her work is figurative--pertaining mainly to women's bodies and trans/non binary bodies. Her art is comprised of two types of focuses—one pertaining to humanity/civil rights (insta: and the other more specifically focuses on sex education and the Normalization of Bodies (Insta: @Jul_Uncensored).

She mixes her medias and finds that certain topics require a certain form of art and it is necessary to adapt her art to her audience. She mixes a lot of her activism into being an artist and always keeps in mind to be politically involved, not to be afraid to speak up for what is right, and not afraid to show what is wrong…Her main focus in creation is to bring light to issues, educate her viewers, and to strive for better societies for us to live and be a part of.

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"Art should disturb the comfortable & comfort the disturbed" -Banksy


I would Like to give a SPECIAL THANKS to everyone who supports my art...Thank you to my mom for always believing in me, my dad for pushing me, my friends for giving me hope, my teachers for encouraging me, my family for getting me started, Curators for showing my work, and my community for always having my back when I needed it the most! Also, thank you to those who have supported me financially whether that be through buying my art, sending me to school, or giving me awards and means so much to me. I wouldn't have come this far without your support!!!

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