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The "More Than A Body" Show

The MTAB show was my first Solo Show and took a year to plan. It included 15 paintings, 8 performers, 2 merchandise tables and 1 featured article in Columbus Alive (click on the underlined words to check out the article)! For the amount of last-minute planning and very last minute art making, the show ran very smoothly--especially with all the help from a gallery associate named Lydia and her volunteers! 


Although Lydia and I did have a crazy experience happen when we were hanging/prepping the space for the the middle of us hanging a painting on the wall a car right outside the gallery hit a parked car and then flipped over completely! We ran outside to see if the driver was okay and I ended up helping the driver out of the car who just so happened to be someone I knew! The whole experience was insane and I didn't have time to process until later that day...luckily though he was okay (only had minor scratches and a burn from the airbag on his face).


Thinking this was a bad omen I got very nervous for the show...but luckily it went way better than expected!! People stuffed into the small gallery, some people I didn't even know as well! The performances were surprising but interesting--we never even rehearsed! I performed as well and luckily most of my nerves went away--I was shaking all day just thinking about saying what I had to say--it went really well and I was proud of myself for not running away from the mic even though every fiber of my being was saying "Oh helllll no we are not performing tonight!" (check out the performance below!).


By the end of the night I was fortunate enough to have all but 2 paintings sell!!! 25% of the proceeds from the paintings will be going to charities...which means I raised over $170 for charities around Columbus which help people who have gone through/or are going through the effects of assault/abuse/harassment. Hopefully, I can update this soon saying the rest of the paintings sold so more money can go to charity (FINGERS CROSSED!!! I would love to make it to at least $200). The show will be ending on July 22nd. For more details check out the FB event below!


The Facebook Event:

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