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Guest Lecturing at OSU

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

A few weeks ago I was invited to do an artist talk at my Alma Mater The Ohio State University by a gallery owner and friend Mona Gazala. During the lecture I talked about Arts and Activism. I mentioned some of the installation pieces I created throughout the year, and then more notably talked about my street art and how they go hand in hand. After the lecture I showed the students how to do wheat paste street art and then gave them pieces of paper to sketch on. I then took them outside and had them paste the art onto one of the walls at Hopkins. Before doing this I showed them how it was done by pasting on one of my street art posters "We Go To School...". The students seemed like they had a good time and some of them have even tagged along with me whenever I go out to do art around Columbus.

Pictures from that day:

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