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Upcoming Artist Residency Show Plans

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

For any of you who would like to know what my plans are for the upcoming artist residency show I will be having in May here they are:

I will be making multiple art pieces that will transform my residency space into two juxtaposing environments. One representing what it was like growing up in the Hilltop area, and the other being what it was like moving to and living in Dublin.

The opening room for the exhibition will feature photography prints (8x10in) in frames and paintings spaced out on all the walls in the room. The photographs will show the contrast between the two city’s landscapes; whereas, the paintings will show the contrast between the people. In the middle of the room there will be a large picket fence which will be white on one side and painted dim and “dirty” colors on the other side; thus, splitting up the room in order to show the boundaries made to keep the rich and poor separated.

In another room, there will hang a wall telephone which will be programmed to play a recording when picked up. The recording will be made possible by a small motion activated voice player that will be inserted into the speaker part of the phone. So when somebody comes into the room and walks past the phone it will play the recording--the first few seconds of the recording being of a phone ringing so that the person will pick up the phone and listen to the recording.

The most important piece to be created using these materials will be a roughly 10x7 foot dome out of bubble wrap, ball pit balls, fake grass, screws, anchors, and spray paint. In order to create the structure itself, I will be cutting ball pit balls in half, spray painting them gold, then using the drill I will screw them together into rows of circles that will connect in order to make a dome. Inside the dome, the walls will be sealed by putting fasteners on the screws, and bubble wrap all along the interior surface. This will be done for two reasons: 1. In order to insulate the dome and “protect” it from the surrounding environment and 2. To aesthetically add to the thème: “living in a bubble of ignorance”. A fake grass mat, faux flowers, and miniature houses will be put in the interior as to represent the “faux perfection” that comes with living in “the bubble”. Certain sounds will also accompany the interior of the dome by having the viewer step on or push a voice recorder as to create a peaceful yet boring ambiance. The dome will be put in its own area as to represent the fact that those living “in the bubble” are unconnected from what is going on in the rest of the world.


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