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The Allegory of Bad Government--2017

After researching Ambrogio Lorenzetti's Allegory of Good and Bad Government, I had an idea to do my own version of the the 3 part fresco. Having applied the political figures of modern U.S. politics and media, I photoshopped together my own version "The Allegory of Bad Government--2017" and then  printed it off on a large 3x4 ft colored sticker paper in order to put it up on a wall as a modern day fresco--or as I like to call it "street art".  With the permission from A.J. Vanderelli I wheat pasted it up on the walls of 400 West Rich Street in Columbus, Ohio. I felt this could be used as a simple reminder to people of the importance of being aware of government entities and their roles in governing our society.

There are hidden meanings behind the personnel that follows suit with Lorenzetti's original piece. 

Cruelty= Mike Pense

Treason= Michael Cohen

Fraud= Betsy DeVos

Avarice= Melania Trump

Tyranny= Donald Trump

Pride= Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Vainglory= Ivanka Trump

Fury= Alex Jones

Diviseness= Kellyanne Conway

War= Kim Jong-un​

Each figure has a role in creating and maintaining a Bad Government. Even the "good" or "innocent" characters have their own meanings:

Justice= Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Citizen= Stormy Daniels

For more information on the The Allegory of Good and Bad Government:

Click Here


start video below at 7:38mins (it's a great watch!)

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