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Series: Suffocation

"Anxiety is a plague in which we have all suffered."

“Anxiety Attack #2” (2016, oil on canvas, 24x36in) is a piece in a series where I expressed the anxieties I have about life here in the US. This piece specifically talks about the anxieties I personally have about trying to fit into our society as a woman. Whenever I have had a panic attack it has felt like someone had been suffocating me, thus I decided to paint the way it feels. I’m sure many other people have felt the same way--especially scared with the ways things are going right now, with uncertainty, and limited faith in our own government--I can see and feel their pain--along with my own.

"Anxiety Attack #2"
"Anxiety Attack #1"
"Woman trapped in plastic bag"
"Woman trapped in condom"

Also entitled "do you ever feel like you're trapped in a condom?"

Studio shot
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