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The Rainbow Faces Project

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

This street art project stems from the effects of mass shootings and gun violence in general, and also a piece I created for March For Our Lives (as seen below).

I was unsure what to do with this parachute after the march but all I knew is that I had to bringing up what happened to these faces, so that people wouldn't forget and lawmakers would keep being pressured to make positive day I ended up cutting the faces out and started applying them around Columbus as street art installations!

The piece is suppose to be a reminder of the lives lost and bring awareness to the vast amount of people affected by gun violence everyday. The point is that these faces are living on through our memory...why not keep that memory alive for a little while longer and fill that memory with colors instead of pain?

Posting these children’s faces around Columbus is illegal...but yet the things that killed these children—guns—are perfectly legal with few requirements to actually get them. If my city is more concerned with my art being pasted on old buildings than with actual gun violence then we have a big problem here.

People have taken down these pieces, and others have uploaded pictures of them to their social media accounts...whether people likes these faces or hate them I will still keep going until there are no more faces to people affected by gun violence.

Below is the collection of work as seen around Columbus (check out more photos on my IG

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