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I take requests for commissioned art. After being contacted it will take between 2 weeks to 3 months (depending on the amount of work put in) to create the work. The starting price is shown below with sizing but will increase if there are extra costs for material/mailing/framing/special requests/etc. However, there is room for negotiation if you ask nicely and payment plans are available. 

Oil on canvas pricing:

5x7 inch...$100

10x10 inch...$200

11x14 inch...$240

12x12 inch...$250

12x16 inch...$260

16x18 inch...$300

18x20 inch...$350

20x24 inch...$400


***Please contact me via email with your size request, and what you would like done and we will establish a set price.***





Pets & People

Love your pet so much that you need a piece of art of your fur baby? Or maybe want to remember a loved one/surprise a friend or even give yourself a little self portrait love? Check out these inspos below for commission ideas!


Make A Political Statement 

Need to commission someone to go the extra mile? To say or express that controversial subject on a whole other playing field? Great let's get started! Here are some examples below of previous commissioned political art





Want to remember your beautiful childhood home or maybe your favorite neighborhood? Check out these previous commissions to help create your vision for your future landscape!

short north painting_edited.jpg


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