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JLB Art is a multifaceted artist, dedicated to creating meaningful art experiences through curation and collaboration. From gallery exhibitions to public installations, JLB Art has been behind a range of projects that elevate and celebrate art in its many forms. Learn more about the recent projects of JLB Art and discover the creative vision of this talented artist.


"Knock Down Drag Out"

at Wild Goose Creative

Featuring performances by: DJ Notta G*rl, Butterfly, Neoma Day Echo, Robyn DaCultyre, Maja Jera, Pandora Foxx, Gigi Da Moana, Art Clash, and DJ Don 

The Art and Artists of Milo Arts Show

held at 934 Gallery


The Fed Artist

presented by Pokebap

"The Rejection Show"

inside Hopkins Hall

at The Ohio State University

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